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Cisco. Сервер Cisco UCS C240 M4

Supported Slide Rail Kits

This server supports one rail kit option: Cisco part UCSC-RAILB-M4= (ball-bearing rail kit).

Do not attempt to use a rail kit that was for the Cisco UCS C240 M3 server;
the rail kit for the Cisco UCS C240 M4 server has been designed specifically for it.

Serial Number Location

The serial number (SN) for the server is printed on a label on the top of the server, near the front.

Hot-Swap or Hot-Plug Replacement

Some components can be removed and replaced without powering off and removing AC power from the server.
• Hot-swap replacement—You do not have to precondition or shut down the component in the software before you remove it for the following components:
– SAS/SATA drives
– Cooling fan modules
– Power supplies (when 1+1 redundant)

Controllers for Internal Drives

Note that if the following Cisco 12G SAS Modular RAID controller or Cisco 12Gbps Modular SAS HBA controller is selected, it is factory-installed in the dedicated internal slot.

Product ID (PID) PID Description
UCSC-MRAID12G Cisco 12G SAS Modular RAID Controller
■ Supports up to 24 internal SAS HDDs and SAS/SATA SSDs
■ Supports JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 10 (with no FBWC option chosen) and has the ability to also support RAID 5, 6 if a Flash-Backed Write cache upgrade is chosen (shown below in this table)

Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC) Upgrade Options for Cisco 12G SAS Modular RAID controller

Product ID (PID) PID Description
UCSC-MRAID12G-1GB 1 GB FBWC, which includes a 1 GB MB memory plus a SuperCap for write cache backup. Supports JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, and 60.

Upgrade and Servicing-related Parts for UCS C240 M4 SFF Server

Spare Product ID (PID) Description
UCSC-PCIF-01F= 		PCIe Full Height blanking panel for UCS C-Series Server1
UCSC-PCIF-C240M4= 	C240 M4 PCIe Riser Blanking Panel1
UCSC-PCI-2-C240M4= 	C240 M4 PCIe Riser 2 Assembly1
UCSC-PCI-1A-240M4= 	C240 M4 PCIe Riser 1 Assembly (x8 slot + GPU)1
UCSC-PCI-1B-240M4= 	C240 M4 PCIe Riser 1 Assembly (3 x8 slots)1
UCSC-PCI-1C-240M4= 	C240 M4 PCIe Riser 1 Assembly (SATA Boot + 2 PCIe slots)1
UCSC-IP-PCH-240M4= 	Interposer board + cables for 
                        onboard PCH SATA 6G Embedded Software RAID1
UCSC-MLOM-BLK= 		MLOM Blanking Panel
UCS-240CBLMR8= 		C240 M4 (2) RAID controller cables for 8 HD backplane2
UCS-240CBLMR16= 	C240 M4 (2) RAID controller cables for 16 HD backplane2
UCS-240CBLMR24= 	C240 M4 (2) RAID controller cables for 24 HD backplane2
UCSC-HS-C240M3= 	Heat Sink for UCS C240 M4 Rack Server1
UCS-CPU-LPCVR= 		CPU load plate dust cover (for unpopulated CPU sockets)
UCSC-GPUCBL-240M4= 	C240 M4 GPU Power Cable (1 cable per GPU card)1
N20-MBLIBATT= 		Replacement Lithium Battery for Server Motherboard (CR2032)1
UCSC-FAN-C240M4= 	C240 M4 Fan Module (one)
UCSC-BAFF-C240M4= 	C240 M4 Air Baffle Replacement Kit
UCSC-PSU-BLKP240= 	Power Supply Blanking Panel for C240 M4 Servers1
UCSC-RAILB-M4= 		Tool-Less Ball Bearing Rail Kit for C220 M4 and C240 M4 rack servers
UCSC-CMAB-M4= 		Reversible CMA for C240 M4 ball bearing rail kit
UCS-SD-32G-S= 		32 GB SD Card for UCS servers3
UCS-SD-64G-S= 		64 GB SD Card for UCS servers2
UCS-USBFLSHB-16GB= 	UCS Servers 16 GB Flash USB Drive
N20-BKVM= 		KVM local IO cable for UCS servers console port
UCS-CPU-GREASE3= 	M4 Server CPU thermal grease syringe - needed for heatsink seal4
UCSX-HSCK= 		UCS Processor Heat Sink Cleaning Kit (when replacing a CPU)3
UCSC-MRAID-SC= 		SuperCap for Cisco 12G SAS Modular RAID, including all cables.

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