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5 причин

5 reasons people QUIT and don't take counter offers

1. Micromanagers who don't understand the task they are micromanaging

2. Hands-off bosses who don't explain what they want but then reprimand you in public for not giving them what they need

3. Bosses for whom no matter what you do , it is never enough.

4. Bosses who do not support you and don't give you opportunities to grow

5. Bosses that lack integrity. Shocker:

Agree ?

Integrity is by far the most important asset of a leader.

Deal-breaking behaviors that make best people quit:

1) False promises to get someone to do something, e. g. to accept a job or a responsibility

2) Plagiarism of someone else ideas and credit-taking for someone's work

3) Lies of omission to withhold relevant information.

4) Spreading rumors to damage someone’s reputation.

5) Cheating to get a financial or positional advantage.

6) Misrepresenting own accomplishment to make oneself look better at expense of others.

"Honesty is an expensive gift. Do not expect from cheap leaders." Warren Buffett

Do you agree ?

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