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Exchange. Windows Phone. Особенности настройки почты

На смартфонах с ОС Windows Phone при подключении услуги чтения электронной почты Exchange возникает ошибка - нет возможности скачать ни одно сообщение. Код ошибки: 86000C0A

Решение предлагается по адресу :

So if you get this error I did the following...then made sure to wait till my changes were replicated to all AD servers (most importantly the primary AD server that our Exchange Active Sync talks to).
1. Open Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC)
2. Clicked View -> Selected "Advanced Features"
3. Opened the AD structure to find my/the affected user
4. Right-click on user -> Properties
5. Select the "Security" tab
6. Clicked the "Advanced" button (it's the one next to this text "For special permissions or advanced settings, click Advanced.")
7. Checked the "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent" box
8. Clicked "OK" to close the "Advanced" box
9. Clicked "OK" to close the "[USER] Properties" box
10. Closed ADUC
11. Wait
12. Re-sync phone (At this point I had just looked at phone and had already synced)

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