VMware Hardware passthrough

  • Борьба с гипервизором VMware ESXi 

После долгого и вдумчивого чтения форумов, потом устаканивания информации в голове решение пришло само (нужно время от времени давать голове остудиться и проветриться), 

– тут же ясно написано, что гипервизор дальше нормально загружаеться, просто изображение залипает. Все остальное работает нормально. Подключаемся к ESXi, проверяем проброс в ВМ и жмем на зеленую кнопку.

  • Re: Hardware passthrough causing crash...Cnic_register...

When the onboard or the primary Graphics unit is given as passthrough and the server is rebooted, during reboot, after the loading of the cnic_register driver, it would be the time of the graphics card to get register or the display to be handed over to vmkernel. But we have made the graphics unit as passthrough, hence the display driver is NOT taken by the vmkernel, but Left For Alive Dead. 

Meaning that the server will continue to perform only that the user will not be able to see anything at all in the DCUI. I was able to confirm this by having a serial port attached and observed that the ESX server was still booting and the ip was accessible and the server manageable.

To revert the settings when you have made the graphics unit passthrough, do a ping on the server during reboot, as usual after 90 secs or so, the server will start replying to ping. Now, disable the graphic unit from passthrough and you are good to go.


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