January 2nd, 2016


How to use robocopy to copy directories on different domains


Суть использования Robocopy для копирования между разными доменами - создаем сначала сетевое подключение с учетной записью, имеющей права в домене, к которому обращаемся. А затем используем стандартные параметры Robocopy:

net use \\server1\g$ /user:domain1\user1 *
net use \\server2\g$ /user:domain2\user2 *
robocopy \\server1\G$\testdir\%3 \\server2\g$\uploads

•This is using 'deviceless' connections which will not be recreated at start up (and won't appear with a drive letter in windows explorer).
•The asterisk at the end of the net use command means prompt for password, you could hard code the password in there (or get it as a parameter to the script).
•Might be worth reading up on net use to make sure it does what you need.

You can probably also remove the network connection to the servers by using this (I haven't tried this with a deviceless connection):
net use \\server1\g$ /delete
net use \\server2\g$ /delete

Графический интерфейс Robocopy



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NTFS Permissions Reporter Free Edition. Version 1.5.0


Download Link: NtfsPermissionsReporterInstallerFree.zip http://www.cjwdev.co.uk/Software/NtfsReports/NtfsPermissionsReporterInstallerFree.zip
Version: 1.5.0 (version history log)
Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile (.NET 4.0 requires WIC, which is built in to XP SP3 and above)
Supported OS: Windows XP and above (including Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 64 bit editions)

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